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Samsung Unveils Ultra Flat Serif TV

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Are you still watching TV? If yes, then Samsung’s got something truly special to offer. Created by designer brother duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec and Samsung, the I-shaped TV unit is so unusual we couldn’t even identify what it was for at first. The stylish slim frame and a seemingly semi-transparent screen don’t look like a typical TV set even the most modern. On the contrary, the design feels like it could be a piece of furniture in a good way, but at the same time it doesn’t look old-fashioned at all. It’s amazing.

Samsung Serif TV

Samsung Serfi TV

Striking a balance between gadgetry and furniture the designers managed to create a TV set that wouldn’t break the style flow of your interior. It could easily be inserted into a hi-tech room as well as a traditional one thanks to its unique frame that is slim and sleek, which makes it modern and an overall clean design without any indication of its gadget origins.

The Serif TV comes with detachable legs in dark blue, red, and white colors. The 40-inch (102 cm) UHD TV also has a medium and mini versions and an ultra sleek ergonomic remote control. The TV features a curtain mode for when you aren’t really watching displaying the program behind a filter that may display the clock.

In case you were looking for something that barely looks like a TV set this piece will set you back around $2000.

Samsung Serfi TV

Samsung Serfi TV

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