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Recycling Made Easy With Stacked Bin System

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Recycling is an important social issue today, so it’s great to see more convenient ways of doing it. PearsonLloyd has created a system called Stack 4 for Joseph Joseph, which allows to not only sort out your refuse but also save precious floor space.

Recycling Made Easy With Stack 4 System

PearsonLloyd's recycling system

The problem of waste disposal and management requires solutions all over the world and especially at home. The Stack 4 consists of a caddy that can be used separately or in combination with stacking bins for various types of waste. Featuring a self-ventilating system a caddy can be used for compostable waste like food. There is a filter that absorbs odors and lining fixtures to make sure waste is kept in place. Preventing moisture build up the caddy is a great addition to a stacking recycling system that can keep your waste neat and tidy and all in one place.

PearsonLloyd's recycling system

PearsonLloyd's recycling system filter

PearsonLloyd's recycling system

PearsonLloyd's recycling system structure

PearsonLloyd's recycling system


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