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Recline Personal For Stylish Home Workout

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Recline Personal is a recumbent bike from Technogym designed by Antonio Citterio and Vitra for a stylish and quality home cardio workout. The problem with gym equipment at home is that it doesn’t quite fit with the decor. It’s either too bulky or too “sporty” looking. It’s big and it is designed for, well gyms. Recline Personal is one of the latest designs of home gym equipment that is meant not only to bring gym into the house but also complement it.

Recline Personal For Stylish Home Workout

Recline Personal Bike For Cardio Workout

The Recline Personal is designed in a very stylish way. It has a chair-like ergonomic seat and beautiful finishes that make it a stylish display object as well as a workout equipment. The bike is also enhanced with a VISIOWEB, the touch screen made for providing entertainment while you’re working out such as Internet, TV, and radio. There is also dock for iPod and iPhone and a headphone jack for enjoying the workout music.

The ergonomic seat is designed to help user to keep his/her posture and also adapts and adjusts for one’s personal characteristics. Also all the necessary adjustments don’t require to stop the workout as they are all within the user’s reach.

The bike also features a low crossbar that provides easy access to it, stable pedals with strap and a central handlebar for more stability in movement. The sensors in the handles track your heart rate as in professional gym equipment. The Personal Recline includes 23 programs and a function of Technogym’s Excite+ line made for the gyms.

This stylish piece of equipment comes with a hefty price tag of £ 6.541 (over $10k) and can be bought from Technogym’s store. The decor-conscious workout equipment designs are a new area for the designers which poses such difficulties as pricing and even manufacturing but it seems it’s getting there.


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