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Pulsar Asimmetrica Ceramic Table Lamp Charges Your Gadgets

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An Italian design company Vinaccia Integral Design has created a table lamp that charges other gadgets like cell phones via the USB connector. Pulsar Asimmetrica ceramic and metal table lamp is both lightweight and stylish as well as it has an additional function of charging gadgets. Available in various color options and sizes Pulsar Asimmetrica is both design and function-worthy.

Pulsar Asimmetrica Ceramic Table Lamp Charges Your Gadgets

Pulsar Asimmetrica ceramic table lamp comes with no light bulb instead it features built-in LED lights. The lamp’s base comes in metallic and colored versions with two USB ports at the base. Now a computer is not the only thing that can charge your gadgets. The idea of combining the lighting and charging functions in one stylish object is quite organic and well, great.

Pulsar Asimmetrica ceramic table lamp comes in metallic and white, metallic and red, black and purple, black and gold, and other color combos. The black and purple lamp is bigger in size and features two shades and a little shelf for placing the gadgets as well as three USB ports.

Pulsar Asimmetrica is a cool lamp by itself but with its additional charging function it becomes a multifunctional stylish piece that is easy to use for both its functions and decorating.

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  1. Dipanjan Roy Says:

    Great stuff, it looks great, it had to be good in useability, and i wonder about the price, I am going to get one if the price is affordable.

  2. S Gupta Says:

    What’s the price and how to order

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