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Eco-Friendly Washing Machine Design Concepts

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Going green is not difficult when it comes to using recyclable materials and growing gardens but efficient use of energy and water can be quite a task, especially with washing. Washing machines consume both energy and water to clean our clothes though many modern models already use much less of both. Still, there is always a way to save more resources and designers are looking for them in their designs.

Eco-Conscious Washing Machine Concepts

Washit by Ahmet Burak Aktas, Burak Soylemez, Adem Onalan, and Salih Berk Ilhan

Washit washing machine concept by Ahmet Burak Aktas, Burak Soylemez, Adem Onalan, and Salih Berk Ilhan

Washit is a concept by four Turkish university students Ahmet Burak Aktas, Burak Soylemez, Adem Onalan, and Salih Berk Ilhan, which combines a shower enclosure and a washing machine. But it does not only saves space in the bathroom but also collects and filters water from showering to wash clothes.

The washing machine is accessible from the inside the shower stall so the users can take off their clothes and wash them while they’re taking a shower. The concept received an iF Concept Design Award 2012: Hansgrohe Special Award.

Laundring by Shang-Che Wu

Laundring washing machine concept by Shang-Che Wu

If you want to cut back on electricity bills Shang-Che Wu has a great solution – a washing machine operated by pedaling. It’s quite simple but is designed to save power and space. The machine can be used as a laundry basket and can wash different kinds of clothes at the same time thanks to special compartments.

It’s a solution for those who don’t like dealing with water but also wants to live in a more eco-freindly way.

Re-cycle Laundry Center by Fernanda Villanueva and Arturo Ariño

Re-cycle Laundry Center washing machine concept by Fernanda Villanueva and Arturo Ariño

Re-cycle Laundry Center by designers Fernanda Villanueva and Arturo Ariño is a concept of a wall-mounted washing machine with three drums for washing, drying, and collecting and filtering used water.

Each of the drums can function independently

Orbit by Elie Ahovi

Orbit washing machine concept by Elie Ahovi

Designer Elie Ahovi came up with a concept of not only efficient but also gorgeous sphreical washing machine that doesn’t require water or soap. The machine’s ring disguises batteries for production of energy while the dry ice is used for cleaning the clothes.

The sphere inside the ring levitates when the machine is working but it produces no sound and the wash is done in a few minutes.

Since water is such vital resource the designers are trying to find ways on reusing it or create waterless concepts. Still since these are only ideas you can save energy and water by washing full loads or rinsing with cool water.

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