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5 Stylish iPod Speaker Designs

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iPod docking station with a couple of stylish speakers can not only help you fill house with beautiful sounds but also add style to the decor. There are so many options on the market right now from luxurious to rather affordable. Take a look at these iPod docking stations with speakers and additional options.

Stylish iPod Speakers

5 Stylish iPod Speakers

iCrystal from Speakal is an iPod docking station that also connects with CDs, TV, and gaming consoles. The speakers are shaped as spheres with cut tops that seem as though they are levitating above the speakers.

5 Stylish iPod Speakers

Philips Fidelio SoundSphere speakers are both stylish and luxurious. At a €800 price tag they will play sounds from your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV. Their rounded body is encased in a glossy material with small separate overhanging tweeters.

5 Stylish iPod Speakers

These Specimen’s Little Horn Speakers are made of Baltic Birch and connect directly to your iPod, mp3 player, computer, CD player, and other sources. Available in different color schemes these eye-catchers also carry a hefty price tag of $2450.

5 Stylish iPod Speakers

NAD VISO 1 Wireless Digital Music System is an iPod dock equipped with Bluetooth to help stream music wirelessly right from iPhone, iPad, or laptop. To plug an iPod in the dock is easy and hassle-free thanks to a special holder at the side.

5 Stylish iPod Speakers

These $25 (each) iPod Lego Speakers come in silver and gold finish and an inconic Lego block shape. They don’t use batteries but rather work from power in the iPod.

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