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5 Cool Citrus Gadgets

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Citrus fruit are essential part of holiday cuisine. These are the five gadgets that can help you use citrus more effectively. There are juicers, graters, peelers, and even sprays that will make it easier to use citrus fruit for your holiday menu.

Convenient Citrus Gadgets

Ultimate Citrus Tool 2.0 from Microplane

5 Cool Kitchen Gadgets For Citrus

This citrus tool is perfect for peeling citrus fruit for various dishes as well as making pretty decorations for drinks and else. A double-edged tool has a wide citrus grater and a steel blade peeler.

Flash Chill Lemonade Maker from Takeya

5 Cool Kitchen Gadgets For Citrus

This Takeya lemonade maker comes with a removable juicer and an airtight spill-proof lid that keeps lemonade fresh. It’s convenient and perfect for hot summer days, can be stored in the fridge.

Sombrero Bottle Juicer by Mauricio Affonso

5 Cool Kitchen Gadgets For Citrus

Sombrero bottle juicer is a special citrus juicer that allows you to create your own bottled vitamin water. Thanks to its design the juicer fits the bottle’s spout which directs the citrus juice right into the bottle.

Citrus-squeezer from Alessi

5 Cool Kitchen Gadgets For Citrus

This futuristic Salif Citrus Juicer by Philippe Starck can be found at Alessi. Perched on three legs like some kind of exotic insect it is placed over the glass which gathers the juice that spills from the lemon-shaped juicer.

Citrus Spray by Joan Rojeski Dessiny and Alberto Arza

5 Cool Kitchen Gadgets For Citrus

Citrus Spray by Joan Rojeski Dessiny and Alberto Arza and Citrus Spritzer from Quirky employ the same principle. This citrus gadget allows to evenly distribute the lemon juice over the dish without accidental spilling.

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