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Who Would Buy These Gucci Chairs?

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Oh postmodernism why must you overdo everything? Alessandro Michele of Gucci and Martina Mondadori Sartogo, editor-in-chief of Cabana magazine decided to make something together, and also talk of their passion for classic Italian art, beautiful things of the past and so on. Are you intrigued? Well, here’s what they made.

Would You Buy These Gucci Chairs?

Printed Gucci chair with a tiger applique

Now, I’m speechless. Really? This is not a joke, this is postmodern reality we are living in, when people can make any sort of knock off, slap a designer name to it, add fancy talk, and something that looks like chair that can only be found on a worst kind of cheap Chinese market is now a unique piece of art.

There are more than enough both Renaissance and Antique looking chairs on a market if you want something old and Italian it your interior, and there are also a lot of sort of postmodern designer chairs that don’t push it to the point of meaninglessness, and give you both freedom from conventions but are also done with some sense of taste and usage of old styles and techniques of furniture making.

These are just bad chairs, with a fancy name attached to them.

Printed Gucci chair with a snake applique

Printed Gucci chair with a rabbit applique

Printed Gucci chair with a bird applique

Printed Gucci chair with a bee applique

Printed Gucci chair with a snake applique

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