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Walk-In Closet For Small-Spaced Homes

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The problem of small-spaced homes is well, in lack of space. There are so many things that should be fit into a tiny urban apartment that a major part of them don’t leave any spare room in the living space. Thus we declutter, get rid of, and give away things to make room in a small-spaced home. Clothes storage becomes an issue especially if there is lots of it. The regular wardrobe is tight and dark which prompted designer Hosun Ching to reinvent the familiar furniture piece to make it more light and spacious.

Walk-In Closet For Small-Spaced Homes

The depth of a standard wardrobe is 60cm. That is simply not practical, because it means that you literally lose sight of your clothing; and what you don’t see, you don’t wear. Walk-In Closet is a smart storage unit designed to solve this problem.

Ching’s Walk-In Closet looks like a regular wardrobe but it’s a deceiving appearance. Once it opens up it turns into a small dressing room which is often missed in the small-spaced home. Completed with the shelves and drawers the Walk-In Closet also features the rods for hanging clothes. The top drawer features a transparent glass surface for displaying jewelry and accessories. The two slim mirrors at the sides allow to see the different sides ouf your outfit and finally it features built-in lights to help you see all of your clothing items.

This is a great project that considers multiple factors and problems in the home with little extra space. Walk-In Closet takes as much space as the regular wardrobe but it looks much more effective with all the practical design solutions like an accessory drawer and built-in lighting.

Walk-In Closet by Hosun Ching

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