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Vintage Office Furniture Turned Black

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The Vintage upcycled furniture is a living proof that eco-friendly designs can be elegant, as well as environmentally sound. Find out how to breathe new life into old and useless grandma furniture.

Vintage Recycled furniture

Old furniture makeover

Is the ecologically sound interior is gaining its popularity in the furniture companies as well? Rather, the designers are now considering repurposing and remodeling old furniture into new and chic designs. The amazing all black vintage furniture is very elegant and classy. Recreated by a team of interior architects, i29 has done an amazing job in that.

Vintage Recycled furniture

The amazing part of the collection is that the furniture pieces were one day thrown away and now are experiencing new life. They impress with the wholeness and harmony within itself. Painted all black, it features all different kinds of furniture, from a writing desk to old fashioned cupboard and even vintage pool table. Presented in the black background among the lighted white room, it does provide an impression of being grandiose.

Vintage Recycled furniture

The vintage furniture turned black undeniably looks much better than it would ever look in its original look. The idea behind it though is very tempting, adding some solid color to furniture not only would make you eco-friendly, but also adds a new flavor to your interior. Think about it, when you would throw away your used furniture.

Vintage Recycled furniture

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