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Tambour Table: To Keep Everything In Order

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Are you just tired of creating mess on your working table, with all the cords, food remains, and other useless elements? Then, perhaps you should consider this amazing Tambour Table, that promises to keep everything in order.

Tambour Table

Neat Table Design

Made by Brooklyn based industrial designer Michael Bambino, this amazing table is specifically designed for those who just love to clutter things on their desks. It is stylish, modern and minimalistic all at one, yet it manages to store all of the stuff you need for work ordered. The secret to that is the adjustable top that can slide in different directions. The concept was taken from the Tambour door, that has adjustable roll top desk.

Cords create most of the mess, however this table, made of the solid piece of wood, sports many USB connections, and power sources and the cords holes that can be hidden. The rotating top is an awesome design that allows maximum storage and minimum mess. The Tambour Table design is one of the most attractive ones, among those who offer keeping chaos to minimum.

Looking like an ordinary office desk, this Tambour Table is not your average desk. Equipped with modern appliances, with many hidey holes for cords, USB ports and power sources, the table is a stylish contribution to your home office. An ultimate must have for those busy bees, that like to keep stuff in order.

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