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Relax with Nouveau Lounge by Kate McCreary

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American industrial designer Kate McCreary has created the Nouveau Lounge for luxurious relaxation which has been displayed at Model Citizens NYC 2011 Exhibition. Clearly inspired by Art Nouveau period the Nouveau Lounge features graphic forms and is designed to provide for ultimate relaxation while evoking the feeling of movement.

Relax with Nouveau Lounge by Kate McCreary

Nouveau Lounge with ottoman looks pretty modern and will adorn any modern interior. The public response to the photo shoot of Nouveau Lounge made outdoor has prompted the designer Kate McCreary to make an outdoor prototype in future.

The lounge and ottoman soft parts are upholstered in Italian gray wool resting on a yellow metallic handmade base. The color combination in Nouveau Lounge is very modern but the graphic elements pertinent to Art Nouveau period pose a nice contrast.

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