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Pixel Furniture from Cristian Zuzunaga

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Long-based designer Cristian Zuzunaga has created a collection of furniture and interior accessories in pixel prints. While obtaining his MA at the Royal College of Art in London Cristian Zuzunaga has began his experiments with introducing pixels into his designs.

Pixel Furniture from Cristian Zuzunaga

Being inspired by the big city and seeing it as a living organism and a manifest of human evolution Cristian Zuzunaga derives his ideas from gravity, abstraction, time, space, and architecture. Zooming out the images of the cityscapes until they are no more than pixels he finds his graphic patterns.

Putting complex concepts into his works Cristian Zuzunaga creates interesting things as far as it concerns interior design. Such creative rugs and wall panels can jazz up the modern room and the furniture is both creative and fun.

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