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Mushiki Storage System by Tomás Alonso

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Multifunctional space-saving furniture is one of the most popular storage systems right now. Small spaces require maximum level of multifunction. These Mushiki bamboo tables are not only space-saving, they are also eco-friendly. Created by Tomás Alonso during a workshop held by a Dutch company Arco, Mushiki storage system side tables were inspired by Japanese steamer called mushiki. Made of bamboo mushiki is stacked and allow cooking different foods at the same time.

Mushiki Storage System by Tomás Alonso

The Mushiki tables are made in the same manner and allow to store various things in different drawers. The natural bamboo finish looks raw and eco-friendly while the handle allows to rotate and restructure the segments of Mushiki tables. The tables are made in two sizes. The wide round Mushiki table has a single storage space inside of it. While the narrow table has several drawers that can be stacked upon each other. It’s always amazing how various objects can inspire such increadible and useful designs as Mushiki storage system.

The simple design of Mushiki storage system can be easily incorporated into the country, modern, traditional, or industrial interior designs. It is also great for eco-friendly interior designs. Bamboo is a renewable grass with a great wooden texture so it’s use in interior design is getting more and more popular.

Modular furniture is very popular and common right now as the small-spaced homes require more multifunctional and space-conscious furniture. Modular furniture can be folded when not in use and unfolded if you need to use it. It is easy to move so you can often rearrange it to give your home design an immediate makeover.

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