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Knit Stools for Homey Decor by Claire-Anne O’Brien

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Claire-Anne O’Brien is a London-based designer specializing in knitting and textile. Using sculptural approach to fabrics she creates dimensional textile decorations for home. Being inspired by the knitting elements as loops, rings and stitches Claire-Anne O’Brien has created a Knit Stools series of bright colorful stools that would decorate any interior design.

Knit Stools for Homey Decor by Claire-Anne O'Brien

In bright hues and super soft magnified knit textures Claire-Anne O’Brien’s Knit Stools are the embodiment of homey design. They are super comfy but on the other hand modern and fresh. The designs vary from braided to tube and floral knitting forms.

The Knit Stools series were made from Lambswool and Sheeps wool partly handmade and partly machine knit. The construction and design were executed by Claire-Anne O’Brien who loves creating “playful statement pieces”. But the knit stools aren’t the only collection of  the designer. The Modular Stitch is a series of little playful sitting half-loops that were inspired by the loop, essential knitting element.

Knit Stools for Homey Decor by Claire-Anne O'Brien

The British Wool Chair was created for British Wool Week in October, 2010. This amazing chair was knitted in Rowan British Sheep Breeds Yarn.

Knit Stools for Homey Decor by Claire-Anne O'Brien

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