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Futon Furniture for Small Spaces by Anders Backe

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Futon multifunction furniture by Anders Backe is a stylish solution for small-spaced homes. Transforming futon furniture has been designed specifically for small spaces to target attract audience and use all the opportunities of the futon mattress.

Futon Furniture for Small Spaces by Anders Backe

Available in various vibrant colors Nest lounge chair can easily be transformed into a mattress. You have guests and no spare sleeping furniture? Or you want to take a nap during the day? Nest changes forms quickly and saves the space allowing you enjoy the soft stylish furniture without cluttering the small-spaced home. Besides Nest‘s vibrant colors can add a bold accent to your home decor.

Futon Furniture for Small Spaces by Anders Backe

The next Anders Backe‘s design is called Hippo and it is also transforming futon furniture that offers multiple functions and saves the precious space. Hippo can transform into a lounge chair or sofa and a king-size mattress bed. It’s upper part is divided into three parts to imitate the back and handles of the chair or sofa. Smart and very useful!

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