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Furniture Pets by Designer-Producer

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Young German designer Hanna Emelie Ernsting began selling her own collection of chairs called Petstools. She has founded a company that manufactured Petstools chairs from her sketches after a negative experience with one of the manufacturers of furniture.

Designer’s First Own Furniture Collection

Petstools by Hanna Emelie Ernsting

Petstools by Hanna Emelie Ernsting 

She warns her fellow designers look sharp and not allow manufacturing companies fool them by signing an unfair contract. Her latest collection of furniture that she called Petstools the designer has produced on her own.

After graduation, the inspired designer signed a contract with a major company for the production of her three graduation projects, but the furniture has not been made for two years. Moreover, the woman had no right to take sketches to another manufacturer.

Erni from Petstools collection by Hanna Emelie Ernsting

Erni from Petstools collection by Hanna Emelie Ernsting 

Hanna Emelie Ernsting encourages young designers to be vigilant, communicate with each other and exchange experience to know what to expect when drafting contracts. Indeed, after university, graduates lack the experience of dealing with large companies.

After all the excitement and disappointment, the designer decided to take the production of her next collection on her own. The chairs in the collection are designed after different animals and attract attention. They can suit not only a kids room, but also add a cheerful contrast to a more traditional interior of a living room.

Petstools collection by Hanna Emelie Ernsting

Petstools collection by Hanna Emelie Ernsting

The chairs can be used as a convenient footrest. Besides feet will also get warm on thanks to a soft upholstery fabric that makes forms of animals and wraps around feet.

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