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This Creative Furniture is Made of Biodegradable Material

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Yasuhiro Suzuki is a Japanese designer who created a collection of eco-friendly furniture that looks like a work of nature. To bring his new concept to life, the designer used polyester fibers that imitate natural materials.

Biodegradable Creative Furniture from Yasuhiro Suzuki

Melt up molding furniture collection by Yasuhiro Suzuki

Melt up molding furniture collection by Yasuhiro Suzuki 

In fact, a synthetic biodegradable material, it makes the unusual collection of furniture called Melt up look all kinds of beautiful. There are bookshelves covered with ‘moss’ and chairs made ​​of ‘coral’. The imitations are as real as they are unusual.

In addition to using a unique material, the designer utilizes a special technique of casting. The object is heated to the point of required temperature, where it foams and is molded to a distinctive texture. When the material cools and hardens, the object can be used in everyday life like any other piece of furniture.

The designer had the ambitious plans to make furniture more realistic by employing natural materials. All materials used in the work are biodegradable and environmentally-friendly, which is fully consistent with the current trends.

The collection items are available in various sizes and designed to be the main focus of the interior. But Suzuki plans to continue working hard to make furniture not only look more organic but also be just that.

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