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Creative Furniture of Biodegradable Material

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Yasuhiro Suzuki is a Japanese designer who created a collection of eco-friendly furniture. It looks like a work of nature, but in fact it came up and made by a man. Yasuhiro Suzuki came up with a completely new concept of furniture.For creation of this innovative furniture he used polyester fibers that imitate natural materials.

Creative Furniture of Biodegradable Material from Japanese Designer

Melt up molding furniture collection by Yasuhiro Suzuki

Melt up molding furniture collection by Yasuhiro Suzuki 

It is a synthetic biodegradable material. The unusual collection of furniture with its application was called Melt up molding furniture collection.

For example, it may be bookshelves covered with moss or chairs made ​​of coral. Of course, we are not talking about the real moss or corals, but only an imitation of natural materials, but it looks like at least original and unusual.

In addition to the unique material the designer uses his special technique of casting. The object is heated at some point to the required temperature, from which it gets foamed and constitutes a distinctive texture. When the material cools and hardens, it can be used in everyday life like any other furniture.

The designer has the ambitious plans to make furniture more realistic that there was no doubt in the fact that the furniture is really created from natural materials. All materials used in the work, are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, which is fully consistent with current trends.

The collection items are available in various sizes and designed to be the main focus in the interior of at least one room. Designer plans to continue working hard to make furniture look naturally.

Yasuhiro Suzuki is a Japanese designer, famous for his creative technologies. Perhaps the most famous of his works was the boat as a slider zippers for clothing. In 2001, the designer was awarded the Digital Stadium Awards.

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