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Compact Dining Area Ideas

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We talked about compact kitchens but what about compact dining areas? A small kitchen that also doubles as a dining can be too tight to house a table and chairs plus all the kitchen stuff. A small dining area that is preferrably folds away can be a perfect solution to a small kitchen where every inch of space counts.

Compact Dining Ideas

Compact Dining Area Ideas

A compact kitchen called Board designed from Pietro Arosio for Snaidero provides a tabletop for two beside a folding sink and a hot plate. The kitchen block can serve as a room divider or place against the wall. The Board is a part of the kitchen block that folds down and provides additional kitchen amenities and a small wooden tabetop.

Compact Dining Area Ideas

Another example of a compact dining furniture is a kitchen drawer design concept from Alno. Some of the drawers make for seats and a table. Not too practical when it comes to the seats, but this drawer would make for a great retractable tabletop.

Compact Dining Area Ideas

This amazing retractable dining table was concieved by Ochre Architects. The table is divided in several parts that can be used separately or together for a bigger tabletop.

Compact Dining Area Ideas

There are also dining sets that were designed to occupy as much less spare space as possible. The chairs and table are strackable or are forming a uniform object. AndViceVersa design studio created A-Cute, a multifaceted table with the chairs that when tucked in become one with the table.

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