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Add Splash of Color to Your Decor with DIDI Chair

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DIDI chair is a project of the Danish designers Busk and Hertzog for GlobeZero 4. This modern chair features sleek but round lines, interesting shape and of course, bright colors that are great for decorating your home with color blocking, bright accents and comfy chairs. You can choose from a variety of hues, but there are two-toned options available as well, for maximum color play.

Add Splash of Color to Your Decor with DIDI Chair

The DIDI chair looks like its had some serious lift with its broad base that provides both support and style. The coloring for the chairs are also vibrant, with bright greens, orange and red being used for a memorable color palette.

DIDI chair is made of a foam molded around the metal frame with a wide round base, leg. The fabrics are also optional. The DIDI chair dimensions are 72 x 40 x 70 cm. All-age appropriate it will definitely add a splash of color to any modern design and also promises to serve its comfy and cozy purpose.

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