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YO! Home: One Room Transformer-Apartment

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Simon Woodroffe, a Former Dragons’ Den star and a founder of YO! Sushi and YOtel has now created a prototype of a YO! Home which thanks to special mechanisms creates multiple rooms within one 80 sqm room apartment. With seven years of design behind the project Woodroffe presented a prototype home with an area of 80 square meters which includes a master bedroom suite, second bedroom, dining room, home office, kitchen, bathroom, sitting room, breakfast room, cinema, party room and a wine cellar.

Spacious YO! Home Prototype

YO! Home: One Room Transformer-Apartment

Using a theatre type mechanisms Yo! Home transforms from one thing to the other. Thanks to 12 part mechanism and design the walls and floors in the YO! Home are revealing new areas and transform a spacious single room apartment into a divided areas that include a hide-away kitchen, home office that doubles as a second bedroom, and a dining area that arises from the floor.

The master bedroom with a king-size elevates up and down when needed and rests right on top of the living area which tranforms a room into a bedroom. The room can alaso be divided into two parts with dark curtains which makes for a great home theatre atmosphere and serves as a background for a screen.

The home office that can be hidden away with a slide wall features a desk that can be flipped into a second bed. The wooden floors in the shower slide apart to reveal a small hot tub. A wardrobe is also hidden from view but is easily accessed by turning it around to reveal the shelves and things.

The idea is great but I wonder about safety issues and technical difficulties in such highly-mechanized environment. What do you think about YO! Home.

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