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WireShade by Marc Trotereau

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Marc Trotereau has designed a series of lampshades that add to the room’s architecture. Adapting traditional lampshade-making technique Marc Trotereau has created a lamp that can be mounted to the wall, ceiling or the corner. Looking like a cluter of lamps WireShade becomes an great architectural detail.

WireShade by Marc Trotereau

WideShade is made of metal rods that are brazed together in cubical forms, and Correx that covers the lampshade. Thus the lamps that can be fixed to the ceiling or anywhere on the wall adds an architectural detail to the room decor. Light Correx on the same colored wall appears as part of the wall. When lit it looks more like a lamp.

WideShade is a great way to add an unexpected detail to the wall in the room. Adding an architectural detials can help bring depth to decor as well as function as wall decor.

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