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Vinegar and Oil Cruets by Jaume Cornellà

Vinegar and oil cruets can become a very stylish part of table decor. Designers try to reinvent the cruets shapes and make them look more interesting. Designer Jaume Cornellà has created stylish glass cruets.

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Jaume Cornellà has designed these vinegar and oil Cruets in horn-shaped transparent and stained glass. The horn-like cruets come in transparent and stained glass with anti-drip stainless steel protector. Jaume Cornellà‘s cruets look stylish and cool.

Vinegar and Oil Cruets by Jaume Cornellà

The cruets have an opening secured by a cap for filling them with oil and vinegar and a stainless steel spout. The cruets also feature side dimples for fingers for convenient use of cruets. The contrasting cruets look great together letting instantly identify which one is for oil and which one is for vinegar.

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