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Versatile Wood: Vito Selma Designs

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Vito Selma is a Philippines-based furniture designer who works with wood and is inspired by its simplicity and texture. Wood is a main material that Vito Selma works with. He creates floating and complex furniture out of it and it turns out just great.

Versatile Wood: Vito Selma Designs

This Plumeria table was inspired by Selma‘s childhood memories which he brings back with this tree-like base for dinner table. The glass tabletop shows all the works and branches that hold it. Creative, such table would definitely stand out in any interior design.

Versatile Wood: Vito Selma Designs

The Adam and Eve series present the two pieces of decorations created out of a single mold but different in shapes and sizes. Needless to mention, but Selma‘s designs are always quiet conceptual or symbolic.

Versatile Wood: Vito Selma Designs

This table from Baud series is a floating tribute to the ocean. Its swirling base is simply fascinating.

Versatile Wood: Vito Selma Designs

Using still lines Selma creates different and versatile things. He says that straight lines can’t always be still and straight. So by bending them here and there one can achieve great designs.

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