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Versace Home Collection at Milan Design Week 2011

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Versace have recently presented their new Home Collection at Milan Design Week 2011 showing off various interior decorations. The collection includes furniture, accessories, and lighting. Playing with textures and forms Versace came up with some really interesting parts of interior design. From ribbed couches to lush pendant chandeliers to futuristic coffee tables and stools this collection is full of surprises.

Versace Home Collection at Milan Design Week 2011

Versace Home Collection is quiet expansive. The furniture pieces include tables, armchairs, sofas and couches, shelves and stools. The upholstery in furniture is very rich in colors and textures, patterns and prints. Radiating blue floral sofa with metallic legs and casing is a great combination of modern edge and Versace classic style.

Versace Home Collection at Milan Design Week 2011

Gold is a central color of the Versace Home Collection. It is seen in details as well as stands on its own in furniture and accessories. There are gold armchairs, golden ribbed couch and gold decorated vessels featuring classic Versace print.

Versace Home Collection at Milan Design Week 2011

Rich red, purple and blue are also the main colors in the whole collection. With occasional pop of orange, white and black the collection revolves mostly around those four rich shades (red, purple, blue and gold). The lighting is not only featured in lush pendant chandelier but also floor and modern pendant lamps.

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