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To Gather: Modular Furniture Collection

Bright modular furniture is a great way of adding various colors to decor. Color blocks can add dynamic and liveliness to the interior design while the shapes can vary thanks to the modular aspect of the furniture.

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To Gather is a modular furniture collection designed by Studio Lawrence. The bright furniture consists of removable modules that can help construct various furniture To Gather allows constructing various furniture items in different colors adding splash of color to the decor.

To Gather: Modular Furniture Collection

Playful, sophisticated and engaging, To Gather creates new possibilities and perspectives for travelers, friends, family, colleagues or clients to congregate, interact and explore together.

To Gather is playful and bright series that allows to personalize a furniture set according to one’s needs. Not only furniture items can be linked together making a bigger set but a single chair can be transformed into an armchair with armrests of different colors.

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