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Tile That Double As Planters By Roel de Boer

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Designer Roel de Boer created a design concept of roof tile that double as planters. Boer thinks that vegetation is an important part of the city and the roofs are perfect spaces for it. Thus, to help create a green garden the designer reinvented roof tile adding funnels for accomodating soil and greenery roots.

Roof Tile That Act As Planters

Tile That Double As Planters By Roel de Boer

Tile As Planters By Roel de Boer

Green roofs and gardens are nothing new but Roel de Boer found a different approach to creating them. Flat modern roofs are easy to cover with grass and potted plants but the sloped roofs are difficult to turn into green areas. That’s where this roof tile fits perfectly. The funnels are fixed to the roof’s surface and pointed down so that the soil and plants stay intact.

These tile also collect and retain rainwater, thus, requiring less watering in general. Besides, there are other advantages that are often found in roof gardens – insulation and soundproofing.

The tile garden can potentially attract wildlife to the neighborhoods and consequently the cities increasing nature in urban environments. Cleaner air is also a considerable plus, especially in bigger cities.

It’s a great eco-friendly concept that has many pluses but maintenance of such rooftop gardens may seem daunting. How does one re-plant, fertilize, and finally water the garden? It’s more or less clear with rainy climates but in hot regions the garden plants should either be drought-resistant or watered using some convenient system to keep them alive. Re-planting and fertilizing can be done using a simple ladder but how many funnels will one be able to reach from a ladder?

Still such tiles could do a lot for those who want to have a rooftop garden but don’t know how to approach its creation. What do you think?

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