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Tidvis Concrete Floor Clock

Tidvis is a modern take on classic floor pendulum clock. Made of concrete Tidvis looks minimalist but still draws attention. It can be placed against the wall or mounted to it and also has several variations that differ in shape and materials.

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The minimalist style Tidvis concrete floor clock was designed by Kvarnen Studio in collaboration with Johan Forsberg of Forsberg Form. The ash and concrete clock feature classic pendulum-style shape. Tidvis has an interesting contemporary design that is both minimalist and eye catchy.

Tidvis Concrete Floor Clock

The clock features no dial but only two minute and hour hands. It can be used in a modern style decor and add an interesting touch to it. The clock comes in other versions. Urbild comes with a straight silhouette and in pigmented concrete while Rektangel has a rectangular shape. Tidvis vägg is made of ash with concrete dial.

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