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These Mini Bonsai Gardens Grow On Realistic Skulls

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Artist Andrew Firth makes a case for a different kind of a bonsai garden. Tiny, realistic, and quite menacing his collection of bonsai gardens on skulls present a beautiful decor object for a book shelf or a windowsill.

Mini Bonsai Gardens Growing on Skulls

Bonsai cemetary

Firth who’s been a boat builder for over a decade turned to dark craft of human skull-shaping, which he learned without any special training to satisfy his longing for creativity, which also had him playing with LEGO as a kid and painting Warhammer figures.

As he told Bored Panda in his interview, the skulls he saw on the market were tacky. Now you can buy his creations for 399 AUD and enjoy beautiful scenery of green lawns, blooming trees, and even waterfall.

Bonsai garden

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