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The Motion Bookshelf & Rocking Chair

Space-saving hybrid designs are getting more and more common. Combining two or more furniture pieces together designers come up with a one multifunctional piece that is both interesting and creative. The Motion bookshelf designed by Hyunjin Seo is also a rocking lounge chair for reading.

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The Motion bookshelf is both a comfy rocking seat and a storage space for books. Its rounded shape allows it to move almost like a wheel so the rocking effect is achieved. The shelves inside the spherical bookcase are spacious and would house a lot of books. The Motion can also be used as a regular lounge chair.

The Motion Bookshelf & Rocking Chair

Space-saving  The Motion bookshelf was designed by Hyunjin Seo of KamKam. The design is simple and yet stylish and multifunctional.  But is it stable I wonder?

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