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Tetris Inspired Sideboard by Pedro Machado

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T@tris is a cool roomy Tetris game-inspired sideboard was designed by Pedro Machado. Boasting as many as twenty six drawers T@tris sideboard is a stylish, geometric, and roomy storage system in lush lacquered finish.

Tetris Inspired Sideboard by Pedro Machado

Pedro Machado:

Inspiration came from the Tetris game. Exclusive Sideboard Handmade with high gloss lacquered and waterproof, with 26tetris parts that are geometric drawers, three of them are a table and two benches.

It´s a sideboard. It´s a table and two benches. It´s 26 drawers.

T@tris furniture. Satisfying the most hidden sins.

T@tris sideboard features benches that extend the flat surface providing more space for displaying objects – vases, bowls, decorative statuettes. The twenty six drawers allow to store almost anything from jewelry to CDs, small sized books and stuff like that. It is also available for sale.

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