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SwiTCh From Chair to Table

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SwiTCh is a multipurpose item that can function both as chair and table. Designer Ellen Ectors has considered the need for space-saving design and come up with this bespoke item. The SwiTCh comes in a variety of colors and a very interesting form. The item itself consists of two parts a ball and a table-like wooden structure lined with the same material the ball made of.

SwiTCh From Chair to Table

The switch is easy to make. If one needs a chair the table is flipped and the ball functions as a cushion while the table provides armrest for added comfort. If one needs a table and a chair, the table is flipped back with its wooden surface up and a ball functions as a seating. Playful, space-conscious and multipurpose. The SwiTCh has modern design that can be easily incorporated into a modern home.

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