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Sustainable Designs From Hettler.Tüllmann

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Katja Hettler and Jula Tüllmann use sustainable materials to create eco-friendly designs. Using recycled paper as sustainable material designers have created Paper Planet, a series of lamps and chairs.

Hettler.Tüllmann Paper Planet

Sustainable Designs From Hettler.Tüllmann

Exploring the paper properties as a material the designers have created a Rope Chair made of paper rope, Knitted Chair made using wicker technique and structural lamps created with Origami craft.

Sustainable Designs From Hettler.Tüllmann

Sustainable design is becoming more popular as the designers seek ways to make their creations more eco-friendly. Exploring and using renewable or recycled materials designers interested in sustainable design create new interested and things that are both functional and unexpected.

Sustainable Designs From Hettler.Tüllmann

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