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Stylish Stamped Plate by Vasiliy Butenko

Modern tableware can bring in the right touch to the modern-style dinning room. Stamped Plate by Vasiliy Butenko is made of matte ceramic in a minimalist modern style.

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Stamped Plate by designer Vasiliy Butenko looks stylish and modern due to its sleek square shape. The idea of such minimalist design explained by the designer:

The main project idea is that the plate looks like stamp on a piece of paper.

Stylish Stamped Plates by Vasiliy Butenko

The Stamped Plate series look modern and stylish with one of the corners elevated which is also handy during the clean up.  Creative and stylish tableware works great at jazzing up the table decor. Here the clean lines and minimalist design coincides with the sharp and minimalist design of the chairs.

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  1. Elyssa Says:

    Hi – where can I purchase the Vasiliy Butenko Stamped plate series?

  2. Mona Liz Says:

    Hey, Elyssa,

    You can try contacting the designer through his email concerning the purchase.

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