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Space Saving Rising Table

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Space-saving furniture designs are becoming more numerous and more elaborate. There is a wide range of various hybrid products but there are also products that are made to be used as well as easily stored when they are not being used.
Space Saving Rising Table

The Rising Table designed by Robert van Embricqs looks intricate due to its elaborate design. The design also allows to fold the table for easy storage when it’s not in use. The Rising Table is made of a single piece of wood and has a beautiful design. The legs are bent into a triangular base while the center of the tabletop is concave.

Thanks to its folding design the Rising Table does not only goes into a flat mode that is easier to store than the fully opened table but it also gives the table a beautiful intricate detail in the center and an interesting base. It is a beautiful dinner table that can be used in the decors of various styles and then folded and put into storage.

Space-saving Rising Table by Robert van Embricqs:

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