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Sneglen “The Snail” Shelf

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The Sneglen “The Snail” shelf is a project by designer Morten Grønning Nielsen. The shelf bears a remote resemblance of a snail after which it was named and has an interesting form. Since Sneglen “The Snail” appearance is not so apparent it can easily be interpreted but its function is simple and definite.


Consisting of several compartments the Sneglen “The Snail” shelf offers some space for organizing a small book collection and display some decorative items  but the shelf itself looks like a great interior element. It’s structure features unconventional angles and forms that are connected together into one unusual and creative piece.


The creative shelves are a great wall decor solution. Their unusual lines and forms create a new silhouette against a wall decorating it and adding detail to it. The Sneglen “The Snail” project has an interesting structural form that creates an unusual against the light wall.

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