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Snarkitecture Rocky Shelves

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Snarkitecture has designed these laminated wood and fiberglass Shelves to look like excavated rocks. The uneven texture of the back side of the shelves gives the natural rocky look and thanks to seamless connection with the walls creates an illusion of the protruding rocks in them.

Snarkitecture Rocky Shelves

Unique and creative shelves are great for decoraitng space. They are not only functional and decorative. The Shelves by Snarkitecture make for a great wall decor as well as add architectural detail to the room’s interior.

Different sized shelves can be chaotically arranged around the wall to create a look of uneven rocky surface and store and display items.

Snarkitecture Shelves With Rocky Texture:

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  1. Tracie Says:

    Hello Mona -
    Love the snarkitecture rocky shelves and would like to purchase 5-8 for my loft. Could you tell me where to purchase them? Thanks!

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