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Sleek & Thin Katra Chair by Aparte

Sleek and thin furniture is a big tendency in design. Due to lack of space this style may be preferable by small-spaced home owners. These designs look no less stylish though, just take a look at Katra Chair by Aparte.

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Aparte has designed a sleek and thin Katra chair that looks as if it was folded from a piece of paper. Though it looks fragile and thin it is certainly stylish and graphic. Katra chair was made from ramie fiber which makes it both sturdy and Eco-friendly.

Sleek & Thin Katra Chair by Aparte

The sleek Katra chair silhouette looks very sharp and stylish. It is simple but sophisticated and refined at the same time. It would perfectly enhance both modern home and public space. It’s also features multiple angles that adds structure and intricate detail to its appearance.

Sleek furniture gets more and more popular nowadays. It’s stylish and space-saving compared to its soft lavish counterparts. What do you think about it?

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  1. LanM Says:

    Stunning paper thin chair perfect for modern offices and studios.

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