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Self-Making Bed by Ohea

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Smart Bed designed by Ohea can make itself automatically or just with a click of a button. Believing that making bed each morning can be a chore Ohea decided to create a bed that would make itself once a person gets up. The mechanism of the bed has two mechanical arms that stretch and even out the coverlet and pillow cords that elevate pillows to let the covelet lie even and smooth.

Self-Making Bed by Ohea

The Smart Bed has two modes manual and automatic. When set to manual mode the mechanism in the bed is activated through the remote control. When set to automatic mode the bed starts working three seconds after the person has gotten up. For safety’s sake the mechanism deactivates if the person is still in bed in case it was activated.

Bed clothes are specifically designed for the Smart Bed enabling its self-making. The duvet inserts are available in different densities for summer and winter periods. What do you think about self-making Smart bed?

Self-Making Smart Bed:

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