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Saturn Wine Glasses by Fragile Studios

Wine is loved for various reasons but it has a tendency to stain crisp white tablecloth or worse, furniture. Regular wine glasses can be easily knocked down but not Saturn Wine Glasses by Fragile Studios.

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Fragile Studios has designed these cool Saturn-inspired wine glasses that won’t spill the drink in case of an accident. Made of glass the Saturn Wine Glasses have a regular rounded shape only completed with a Saturn-like belt which doesn’t let the glass fall and spill wine.

Saturn Wine Glasses Won't Spill It

The Saturn Wine Glasses are both creative and beautiful as well as they are functional. The Saturn belt seems like a right mechanism for preventing the staining. What do you think about Saturn Wine Glasses?

Saturn Wine Glasses Won't Spill It

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6 Responses to “Saturn Wine Glasses by Fragile Studios”
  1. Mary Schnure Says:

    HOW DO I BUY THESE????????????????????

  2. abbie hillman Says:

    Where can i buy a saturn wine glass and how much are they? Thankyou abbie

  3. Alicia Kim Says:

    Thank you for your interest, Mary and Abbie. Try to contact the Fragile Studios: fragile-studiosdotcom.

  4. Vincent Craig Says:

    Christmas is coming…where can I get Saturn wine glasses?

  5. Mary Ellen Mohla Says:

    Where can I buy a Saturn wine glass?

  6. Mona Liz Says:

    You could try emailing the designer at

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