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Safari Planters by Kenneth Cobonpue

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Designed by Kenneth Cobonpue Safari Planters look unusual on their little legs and with their slanted plant pots. Safari Planters come in rounded forms in various sizes and height. Available in four different colors Safari can be used both in the garden and inside the home.

Safari Planters by Kenneth Cobonpue

Description by manufacturer:

Raised on boxy legs and punctuated with subtle curves, there’s an undeniable character to these planters by Kenneth Cobonpue. The “Safari” has a charm which lies in its understated silhouette that complements any plant set into it. Cast into tall “giraffe” and petite “hedgehog” molds with naturally crushed stones, these planters add a touch of slow-strolling whimsy to any garden setting. The planters come in natural, terracotta, gray and black shades, and range from low small, low large to tall small and tall large sizes.

Safari Planters are cute legged plant pots that can work for home gardening. A few different sized planters grouped together on the porch or balcony can add green feel to the room or house as well as draw the eye with their interesting design.

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