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Red Dot Design: Standing Broom by Poh Liang Hock

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Standing Broom designed by Poh Liang Hock is a Red Dot Design Award winning concept. Standing Broom is not like other brooms. It is completely independent and stable. Thanks to its clever design by Poh Liang Hock the Standing Broom can stand freely when not in use instead of leaning against the wall.

Stylish Free Standing Broom:

Red Dot Design: Standing Broom by Poh Liang Hock

The folding broom can be fixed in a horizontal position due to special mechanism which provides a broom with a flat base that stands on the ground. A mechanism then allows to unfold the broom so it can be used again.

Featured in a Domestic Aid category Standing Broom is definitely helpful as it can be stored anywhere due to its feature to stand without falling down or leaning against the wall. It also has a sleek and stylish design.

Red Dot Design: Standing Broom by Poh Liang Hock

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  1. Molly Says:

    Ingenious idea! Simple and beautiful design. Everyone here at the Llustre Team desperate to get their hands on one.

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