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Precious Mirror by Les M Design Studio

Organization keeps clutter away. Precious mirror designed by Les M Design Studio has drawers and hooks for storing small items and accessories. The mirror helps keep things organized within a sleek and stylish design.

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Precious mirror designed by Les M Design Studio is a great organizing solution. The mirror is designed to make organizing easier. There are drawers at the side for storing small stuff as well as a set of hangers at the other side for hanging and storing accessories.

Precious Mirror by Les M Design Studio

From a seeming simplicity the mirror “Precious” unfolds to reveal a colorful system for the organization of jewelry and fashion accessories.

The mirror organizer is useful to have in the hall or bathroom. It has place for various kinds of things that need to be organized. The design itself is sleek and stylish. The mirror is incorporated into the wooden box that holds the drawers and the accessory hooks.

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  1. Denise Helton Says:

    I am trying to find pricing on the “Precious Mirror by Les M Design Studio” and am having no luck, could you direct me please!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Where kan i buy this mirror and what is the prise, kan you send me the link please

  3. Jodi Says:

    May I please have the website that offers this mirror for sale? Thank you

  4. Mona Liz Says:

    I think you should contact Les M Design Studio at their website for purchase inquiry.

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