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Pixel Table by Studio Intussen

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This cool pixelated table was designed by Studio Intussen. Made out of bamboo the table consists of numerous sticks that create pixel-like effect. This cube-shaped table can function as a side table in a modern decor but that’s not all to it.

Bamboo Cube-Shaped Pixel Table

Pixel Table by Studio Intussen

Thanks to its interesting design the sticks in Pixel table can be moved to create storage space within or outside of it. It’s an unusual concept considering the size of the table which is only forty five centimeters in width, height, and depth. The table’s surface can also be extended thanks to movable sticks.

The table’s clean geometric shape would definitely fit the modern design but it’s bamboo texture has warmth to it. Pixelated sticks can inject a new object into the table’s design or extend it beyond its borders.

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