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Paper Dish Shaped As Pizza Slices

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Paper Dish is both a disposable plate and a napkin. Shaped as pizza slice Paper Dish was designed by Won Min Jung, Kwon Young Hee, and Yu Kyung Ha. Paper Dish is designed to fit the slice of pizza. It functions as a plate as well as a napkin. Thus there is no need for either of these items.

Paper Dish For Pizza:

Paper Dish Shaped As Pizza Slices

The Paper Dish is a great solution for eating pizza without using disposable plates and napkins or ceramic dish that needs cleaning. It reduces the need for napkin and plastic dishes providing for convenient and clean meal. Paper Dish is shaped as a pizza slice and comes with a special handle that makes it easier to hold the piece.

Paper Dish Shaped As Pizza Slices

Paper Dish Shaped As Pizza Slices

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