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Oz Sofa Bed by Nicola Gallizia

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Oz Sofa Bed designed by Nicola Gallizia can serve as both sofa and double bed. The sofa unfolds into a double bed. The sofa’s cushion is a folded mattress that make a double bed. To transform into a bed the sofa extends while the armrests can be removed for convenience.

Transforming Sofa Bed:

Oz Sofa Bed by Nicola Gallizia

The double bed as well as the Oz sofa itself look stylish. The modular furniture is great at saving space in small homes. The removable armrests make the bed look more inviting and comfortable. The unfolding mattress/sofa cushion is surely a convenient design solution.

Oz Sofa Bed by Nicola Gallizia

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  1. claudia Says:

    How do I order the Oz Sofa Bed by Nicola Gallizia. Transforming sofa bed. I do not see a phone number or an order area??????

  2. shadan Says:

    May 31st, 2012 at 9:46 pm
    How do I order the Oz Sofa Bed by Nicola Gallizia.

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