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Orlogin Clocks by Ben Broyde

Interesting details and home accessories can add a special touch to any decor. Orlogin Clocks created by Ben Broyde can surely add plenty of detail to the interior due to their intricate design. These wooden clocks are simply interesting to look at.

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Israeli designer Ben Broyde has created Orlogin, a series of clocks using two dimensional sketches. The Orlogin clocks look original and interesting. They come in wooden finish with pops of bright colors and intricate shape.

Orlogin Clocks by Ben Broyde

The Orlogin Clocks are interesting because they are not conventional but also aren’t minimalist. There is a number of details in each piece that makes the design eye catchy and interesting to look at. Each clock has its own unique design and details but the thing they all share is paint leaks. These paint leaks add special touch to the design.

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