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Off Kitchen By Daniele Bedini Turns Into Office

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Off-Kitchen is an innovative kitchen design by Daniele Bedini that can transform into a sleek work space. Thanks to its minimalistic design the Off-Kitchen makes for a modern home office without any sign of also being a kitchen.

Modern Off-Kitchen That Turns Into Office

Off-Kitchen By Daniele Bedini

Off Kitchen by Daniele Bedini

Sleek Form

A sleek form is very popular in modern kitchens. Often we see cabinetry that almost blends with the walls and countertops that provide only with functionality, and as this kitchen design shows, it has advantages. Beside being practical such kitchen can transform into another room, with an entirely different purpose.

Disguised Hardware

Disguised hardware helps keep this kitchen/office absolutely clean and free of any unnecessary details. The sink features no pipes underneath since they’re all hidden in the table’s wide legs as well as a retractable faucet. There is a cookspace that can also become an office desk. The doors and coutertops hide all the appliances and other cooking surfaces, making for clean and spacious work space.


The kitchen design is simply great as it considers all the necessities and ways to hide and disguise unsightly plumbing and other utilities. The kitchen island also hides a dining table underneath, which can turn the kitchen into a social space, where one can entertain guests and enjoy cooking and eating homemade food.

Multipurpose and disguised kitchens are becoming more popular and it’s a great solution for lack of space and other such problems. When an open kitchen can simply be closed off from the rest of the house it frees up more living space while you’re not cooking. Kitchen becomes a tool rather than a room of culinary magic, but it saves space in tiny urban homes whererooms are tight and boxy.

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