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Nanton Coat Rack Shaped As Transmission Tower

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Nanton coat rack has an interesting design as it is shaped as a transmission tower. Designed by Palette Industries the Nanton coat rack is modern and eye catchy. Transmission towers are more likely to be seen near the cities not inside the houses. These geometric giants are seen from a good distance although it’d be hard not to notice Nanton coat rack either.

Nanton Coat Rack Shaped As Transmission Tower

Shaped as one of those transmission towers the Nanton coat rack looks really interesting adding an unexpected touch to the hallway decor. The wall-mounted steel coat rack is suited for hanging coats, hats, and other accessories. The numerous rods in the Nanton coat rack design allow storing many different things.

It also is a display object in itself so it can be used to the minimum and still have a decorative function. The coat rack’s forms bring more detail into the hallway yet the open design makes it look more transparent in a small-spaced hallway.

Nanton Transmission Tower Coat Rack:

Nanton Coat Rack Shaped As Transmission Tower

Nanton Coat Rack Shaped As Transmission Tower

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