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My Reading Chair

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My Reading Chair is a project of a designer Arunas Sukarevicius of Etc. Etc. It looks like a regular chair only its slipcover hides a secret. My Reading Chair has a wooden frame and a slipcover that has secret pockets for storing books, magazines and other reading material.

My Reading Chair


It is an armchair comprised of two parts: frame and it’s robe – slipcover. The robe has pockets which are usually the most private storage area for keeping small, personal things. Also, it is a good spot to keep your hands cozy and warm. The chair suggests a rather different sitting position for the person, helping you to feel safer or even braver. A variety of different fabrics and color variations can be fitted on the current base so it can be changed easily according to the user’s character. This means the chair could wear anything from a modest suit to a punkrocker jacket.

Seatings with storing properties are popular and useful for small-spaced homes with no spare room for a bookcase. Beside it’s apparent function My Reading Chair and other seatings of this kind are not only saving space but prompting the person sitting to read something and provides easy access to the material.

The slipcover is easily removed from the chair and can be replaced or washed. The seat in My Reading Chair is sloped to provide comfort.

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